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On Giving Tuesday: Texas Faiths Give Time for Unity

RICHARDSON – On a day when charities, businesses, and individuals come together to celebrate giving, leaders of Texas faith communities came together on Tuesday, November 29, to give  their time and effort to unite the American nation.

“Our gathering here this morning is a beautiful representation of what America is,” Imam Shpendim Nadzaku from Islamic Association of North Texas was quoted by CW33.

Pastor Stephen G. Brown added, “The Lord Jesus has taught us specifically that we are to engage our neighbors, to love our neighbors. Those who think or believe differently, they are still our neighbors.”

The group faith in Texas came together to call for unity and it couldn’t come at a better time as our country is divided in a lot of ways.

“Although there are destructive forces in the world: intolerance, cruelty, people who tear down lives, we must keep building,” Rabbi Herzog Cohen told media Tuesday.

Faith leaders expressed concerns for the safety of the American Muslim community, who have been facing rising backlash since the election of president-elect Donald Trump.

The attack at Ohio State University on Monday added to their fears.

“Just because it was a Muslim we can’t immediately point to a motive here, we`ll let the investigation carry itself out. So while we condemn it, we also think we should wait for the facts to come out on this case,” Imam Omar Suleiam said.

The gathered leaders said they wanted to drive home their faith in people.

“We need to bring our faith leaders in our community together to say publicly that a people united can not be defeated,” said Rev. Edwin Robinson.

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