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Fighting Islamophobia with Cookies

Fighting Islamophobia with Cookies

QUEBEC – Canadian Muslim women are reaching out to their community, encouraging interfaith dialogue and extending bridges of understanding after shocking Quebec mosque attack.

“Our campaign is intended to encourage connections between Muslims and the larger community through the simple sharing of homemade cookies and kind sentiments,” says Fauzia Baig with the Coalition of Muslim Women of KW, 570 News reported on Monday, February 20.

“The hope is that by sharing a sincere smile, a sweet treat and the word “salaam” (the Arabic word for peace), we will be able to continue our efforts to fight Islamophobia and build bridges of understanding and communication.”

The efforts led by Baig and Muslim women come after the shooting at a mosque in Quebec City, and threats made against a Liberal M-P for her motion denouncing Islamophobia.

“Definitely paying tribute to the lives that were lost, and making sure that it didn’t go to waste. What can we learn from this? What can we do going forward so that this never happens again?”

Women are greeting community members and handing out cookies in multiple spots across our region including Uptown Waterloo Public Square, and Carl Zehr Square.

“This is a small thing in a large battle,” says Baig. “But we feel this is a really important stepping ground.”

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