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Dallas Muslim Denied Job Over Hijab

DALLAS – An American Muslim woman has been denied a job at a Garland department store after she was told that she cannot wear the hijab at the retail store.

“This is completely unconstitutional,” attorney Nikiya Natale told Dallas News on Thursday.

“It’s just a blatantly obvious case of discrimination.”

Duha Dallah, 19, was offered a sales position at the Dillard’s at Firewheel Town Center earlier this fall.

She said she was never contacted after the children’s department manager told her that she cannot wear a hijab in the store.

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Dallah said that statement shocked her. “I thought I already had the job,” she said.

Dallah, a University of Texas at Dallas student and fashion blogger, has filed a formal complaint with the Texas Workforce Commission.

“I recently contacted CAIR-DFW because I was refused employment at Dillard’s due to my headscarf. I am seeking the justice I deserve,” she wrote on Facebook.

“I was discriminated against. It’s not right to ask someone to take off their scarf, that is like invalidating their religion.”

“I believe I lost the sales position because Dillard’s did not want a Muslim woman wearing a headscarf to work on the sales floor,” Dallah said.