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Columbus Hosts “Meet Your Muslim Neighbor” Event

COLUMBUS, Georgia – A Columbus Islamic Society held an event, Sunday, March 4, to offer their non-Muslim neighbors a chance to ask questions and get a better understanding about true Islam.

“At a time in America where we’re being pulled apart by political divisions and cultural divisions, it’s really important for people of different faiths and backgrounds to come together and talk,” Edward Ahmend Mitchell, an attorney in Atlanta, and the head of Georgia’s CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) chapter, told News Three.

“Just dialoguing helps to break down bigotry and build bridges.”

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The “Meet Your Muslim Neighbor” event was held by Indivisible Columbus group to promote diversity, tolerance, and equality.

Organizers said they host a meeting once a month, and this month’s meeting focused on interfaith understanding.

Valerie Haskins reached out to Mitchell after she visited the Islamic Center of Columbus with a group of women.

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“We just had a dialogue and started getting to be friends with each other, and basically, seeing we had more in common than not,” she said.

“I have a passion for diversity and inclusiveness, and you know, we are all humanity and we just need to love each other and get along.”

The CAIR Georgia head confirmed that similar events help people find a common ground and appreciate differences.

“Interfaith dialogue is not about anyone changing religion. It’s about learning about a different religion and learning to respect and appreciate the differences,” Mitchell said.

Indivisible Columbus said the event was a huge success, attended by 120 people, the largest attendance in a similar meeting.

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