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Canada Muslim Charity Raising Funds to Build Village in Syria

In effort to provide permanent shelter for the displaced Syrians, a Canadian Muslim charity is raising funds to build a village in the war-torn country.

Hope Village Project aims to build 500 homes, a hospital, mosque and school at an estimate cost of CAN$2,250,00 (US$1.7 million) through money raised by Human Concern International (HCI).

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The project will be constructed in Al-Bab or Afrin region to provide permanent shelter for the displaced Syrians, Anadolu Agency reported.

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“$1,850,000 will go towards building 500 homes and $1,250,000 to build a Mosque, School, Multiple Parks, Soccer Field, and Marketplace,” HCI said.

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“The Village will provide displaced Syrian families with a renewed sense of stability, dignity, and a new place to call home.”

More Schools

The organization said project will take from 12 to 16 months to complete. The planned schools will welcome 1,000 students each.

“The space includes 16 classrooms, 6 washrooms (3 for boys, and 3 for girls), administrative rooms, a solar energy system to provide the school with energy, and all the school furniture and equipment required,” said the organization.

“Your donations will go directly towards fulfilling the project goals,” the charity said.

A recent report has found that leading Islamic charities assisted millions of people in countries around the world during the year 2021, overcoming challenges of increasing hunger, COVID pandemic, and climate change.

The charity’s annual report, released in July, 2022, said that despite the worldwide economic uncertainty, supporters gave generously, raising £183 million for life-saving and life-changing work around the world.