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American’s Good Deed Helps Muslim Waiter Feel at Home

DENVER – An American from Denver, Nebraska, made the day of a recently arriving Muslim immigrant after leaving him a heartwarming note welcoming him to the country along with a $100 tip.

The customer dined at the restaurant on November 9 when the waiter, Osamah Ajour, reportedly told her he felt uneasy about being a Muslim in America after the election, FOX 31 reported.

Welcoming Ajour, who moved to the US recently from Jordan, the customer left him a $100 tip on the $23.61 bill.

She also wrote a note on the receipt that says: “You belong here & I’m glad you are here.”

The incident came to public after a friend of Ajour posted a photo of the receipt to Facebook.

The caption read, “You belong here & I’m glad you are here.”

Ajour commented on his friend’s post, “Brother you forgot to mention that I was a fantastic waiter! This lady made me happy today, I wish I get the chance to see her again, there’re words deep in my heart left unspoken.”

Damascus Restaurant’s owner Mahmoud Kassir, also a Muslim immigrant who moved to Nebraska 35 years ago to attend college.

“I want to say thank you for your support, especially during this time, this crisis that we’re going through,” he told FOX31.

Over the past years, Kassir experienced only one incident of Islamophobia when a brick was thrown through the window of his Arvada restaurant location in the aftermath of 9/11.

“This is America. This is our country whether anybody likes it or not. I’ve lived here two thirds of my life and I’m here to stay and so are my kids,” he said.

“Our President Elect says what he was. We keep going and move on and we don’t listen.”

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