Muslim Woman Uses Abaya to Save Burning Man’s Life

RAS AL-KHAIMAH – A Muslim woman used an Islamic robe to save a burning man’s life when he caught fire in a truck crash, by using it to put out the flames.

“I was rattled to see the two burning trucks and got shocked when I saw a man on fire screaming for help,” Jawaher Saif Al Kumaiti, an Emirati Muslim woman, told Khaleej Times on Sunday, October 1.

“I requested my friend – who was with me in my car – to give her abaya and asked her to stay inside.”

Al Kumaiti was driving home after visiting a friend in hospital when she saw two trucks burst into flames and heard the victim shouting for someone to save him.

One of the drivers, Harkirit Singh, managed to escape from his burning vehicle – but not before his clothes caught fire.

“I immediately rushed to the driver, put out the flames and covered him with my friend’s abaya.

The 22-year-old young woman persuaded her friend who was a passenger to take off her abaya then leaped out of the car and used it to put out the flames.

“I calmed him down, telling him that he would survive as the rescue teams will arrive soon.”

The brave woman’s story went viral on social media, and police are to honor her for her quick thinking as well as prompt and brave action.

“The police patrols, ambulance, and paramedics shortly arrived. They swung into action, provided first aid to the driver, and rushed him to the hospital,” she said.

“All thanks and praise to Almighty Allah who gave me the power and courage to act and intervene into the situation at the right time and rescue the man’s life.”