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10-Year-Old Autistic Boy Memorizes Qur’an

10-Year-Old Autistic Boy Memorizes Qur’an

GAZA CITY – A ten-year-old Palestinian boy with autism has succeeded in studying and memorizing the entire holy book of Qur’an, setting an example for people suffering from autism worldwide.

The young boy, Khalid Abu Musa, memorized the whole Holy Qur’an by listening to the verses being read to him repeatedly, Autism Daily Newscast reported citing an earlier report by Anadolu Agency.

The news was announced by Nedve Abdulal, an educational expert from a private school in Gaza where children with autism undergo rehabilitation.

Along with memorizing the Qur’an, Abu Musa has also learned to read and write, making a breakthrough for children with autism.

He has been able to communicate with other children and play games.

Autism, a disorder characterized by impaired communication and social skills, is currently on the rise both throughout Palestine and the world leaving families impacted by it struggling to meet the needs of loved ones.

While many individuals on the spectrum face challenges in various facets of their lives, a large proportion of those with the disorder possess a natural aptitude in a range of subjects including mathematics, art, music and general rote memory.

As result, many with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) opt to embark in related fields including technology, computer programming, engineering and in careers where having advanced memorization skills are crucial.

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