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Indian Actress Reverts to Islam

CAIRO – Famous young Indian actress Monica has decided to leave the life of lights behind her back, choosing to revert to Islam, don Islamic headscarf and quit the film industry.

“I don’t convert for the reason of love or money, am not such a person. I like Islam principles so that I converted as an Islam,” she was quoted by Muslim Mirror.

“Hereafter I won’t act in the film, it gives some pain but I don’t change my mind,” the young actress added.

According to Indian media, Monica’s decision was announced during a news conference on Friday in which she released photos showing her wearing traditional modest costume and a hijab.

Changing her name to MG Rahima, she did not reveal reasons behind her decision to join the world’s fastest growing religion.

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The Azhagi actress started her career as a child artiste in Tamil cinema and has acted in more than 50 films. She is also the popular face in other South Indian film industries like Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada.

Monica, who had won Tamil Nadu State Award as a best child actor for her performance in Vijaykanth starrer En Aasai Machan, is known for few of the Tamil movies like Azhagi, Imsai Arasan 23m Pulakesi and Silandhi.

In 2001, Monica had changed her name a Paravana for Malayalam film industry. The actress was last seen in Tamil film Jannal Oram, which was released in 2013, November.

Monica is not the first Indian celebrity to revert in 2014.

In February 2014, reports said that both musicians AR Rahman and Yuvan Shankar Raja have taken the same decision to revert to Islam.

There are some 180 million Muslims in Hindu-majority India.