Muslim Social Media Seek Foothold

CAIRO – Amid ever-growing world Muslim population, more companies are building new social media website to cater to the needs of 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide, offering them a platform free from sex, blasphemy or Islamophobic content.

“Right now on other social media, Muslims never know when they will be exposed to harmful content like extremism, sexually explicit images, blasphemy, anti-Muslim stereotypes, alcohol-related content and much more” Shoaib Fadie, a British Muslim who is the CEO and co-founder of Muslimface, told Forbes.

The Muslimface offers usual functions of Facebook like posting status updates, sharing videos and photos, as well as LinkedIn-style job posts.

Offering Muslims special functions, the companion Muslimface app offers handy prayer times, helps users to geolocate the nearest mosque and even has a tool called Find a Spouse for people who are serious about getting a partner.

The function, known as Mahram, enables men and women to chat to each other, but only if the girl’s “mahram” (guardian) and the “groom’s moderator” are virtually present and able to see all the conversations.

The function is similar to the formal meeting where a man proposes to a girl in the presence of her guardian and one of his relatives.

Other Muslim-friendly networks include Tutlub which has its own app and allows users to post prayers on their news feed that other users can interact with.

The network also curates articles on Muslim lifestyle, Islamic perspectives and lectures from notable Islamic lecturers, with titles like “Intimacy and relationships in Islam” and “Trust Allah in all of your affairs, and you will never be disappointed”.

Ummaland and Salamyou, on the other hand, are PC-based, and have been around for a much longer time. They allow users to integrate their existing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Windows Live and Yahoo accounts with the service.