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‘Hijarbie’ Hijabi Doll Takes Twitter By Storm

‘Hijarbie’ Hijabi Doll Takes Twitter By Storm
The doll wearing one of Haneefah's creations

CAIRO – A small doll in “mini hijabi fashion” has taken Twitter by storm after offering young Muslim girls a doll that looks like them.

“This is about having an alternative and creating an awareness of having toys that adopt your religion and culture and in your own likeness, which at the end of the day, leads to an improvement in self-esteem,” Haneefah Adam, a 24-year-old Instagram user, created Hijarbie, told Style Mic.

Adam, who lives in Nigeria, has been using her Instagram account Hijarbie to showcase “mini hijab fashion” over the past few months.

The photos show a Barbie-style doll who wears hijab and gowns.

Hijarbie has been trending on the Instagram in a time when Muslim women are facing increasing attacks due to their Islamic hijab.

Haneefah said her Hijarbies aim to promote a positive self-image for these young girls, and education for others who may be ignorant of the Islam faith.

“It’s important to create a sense of value in the Muslim child, especially the girl child,” Haneefah told Mic.

“They become more confident, more driven, they believe more in themselves, which leads to an appreciation of herself and her modest lifestyle and upbringing. Instead of dressing up her dolls in clothes she wouldn’t wear, hijabifying it will create a sense of belonging and hopefully make a positive impact.”

Hijab fashion has been gaining foothold recently as H&M featured a hijabi model in one of their campaign photoshoots last year.

Dolce & Gabbana and Uniqlo have also recently debuted “modest fashion” collections for hijabs and abayas.

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