Sweden Cracks Down on Religious Schools

STOCKHOLM – The Swedish Education Minister Gustav Fridolin has announced plans to ban what he described as “sexist religious groups who are against gender equality” from running schools.

“Those who don’t support fundamental values around equality and human rights should be stopped from running free schools in Sweden,” the Minister wrote in an article in the Aftonbladet newspaper.

According to The Local.se, Fridolin made the call as he launched an inquiry into tightening the regulation of religious schools in the Scandinavian country.

The proposal comes as the debate around religion-free schools continues to rage in Sweden, most recently over the decision to let the Islamic headmaster and former Moderate party MP Abdirisak Waberi start a new Islamic school in Borås city.

Waberi has been criticized by Islamophobes for just attempting to explain why Islam permits polygamy for a man but not for a woman, and for his expressed desire to live in a Shari`ah-governed state.

“No child should be exposed to a direct or indirect compulsion to take part in religious activities in any school in Sweden,” Fridolin wrote.

“And all education should be completely free of religious influence.”

Sweden’s Social Democrat-Green coalition government has appointed the Swedish jurist Lars Arrhenius to investigate the religious instructions taking place in Swedish religious schools, and to further decide by December 2018 how the proposed law could be implemented and written without conflicting the European Convention on Human Rights.

Sweden has over 70 religious schools, the majority of which are Christian, about 11 of which are Islamic, and a handful of which are Jewish.

Islam isn’t a sexist religion and its Shari`ah laws have reasonable and well-defined parameters in the matters of allowing polygamy for grooms and inheriting males double females.