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Non-Muslim Policeman Fasts Ramadan to Support Muslim Colleague

In a remarkable show of solidarity, a non-Muslim police officer from South Manchester is fasting for the entire month of Ramadan.

Sergeant Kevin Gammond, 38, started fasting Ramadan to support his Muslim workmate Sergeant Kassim Hanif, 34, Manchester Evening News reported.

“During the days leading up to the fasting Kas was talking about it and I just said ‘I’ll do it with you if you want?'” said Sgt Gammond.

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“I wanted to support him thought it and it would be a real challenge to see if I could stick to it.”

Though he misses his morning coffee, Sgt Gammond is determined to carry out fasting throughout the holy month of Ramadan.

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“I miss my morning coffees and breakfasts. I often stay up late and eat a second or third meal, because if I don’t I start to feel light-headed during the day. It’s a strange feeling,” said Sgt Gammond.


Sgt Hanif feel grateful for the support from his friend, praising his dedication to fasting.

“I really appreciate Kev fasting as we work in a small office and therefore it would have made it difficult watching him have his lunch at his desk!” said Sgt Hanif.

“I am extremely grateful for the support provided not only by Kev but also by Inspector Paul Wall as he has also taken the time out to support and encourage us.”

Inspector Paul Wall praised the two police officers, confirming that even though they are fasting during working hours, their performance remains consistent.

“I would genuinely describe both Sergeants as South Manchester’s finest and I am not surprised that they are demonstrating such dedication to each other and our community,” said Inspector Paul.

There are other incidents where many non-Muslims have shown a strong passion for the month of Ramadan, and many of them chose to join Muslims in observing the month of fasting.

In 2019, a non-Muslim teacher in Lancashire fasted for the entire month of Ramadan to show support to her Muslim students who were taking their GCSE’s.

In Dubai, Indian non-Muslim woman Sarbani Ghoshal was reported in 2018 to be observing every Ramadan, saying she is blessed with miracles during the holy month.

There is also a case of Nick Watson, a long-term British expatriate in the Emirates, having lived there for 20 years, and did not miss a single Ramadan.