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Muslims Raise Funds for London Tower Fire Victims

LONDON – A few hours after fire ripped through a West London tower block, British Muslim charities rushed to raise funds for the families affected by the tragic incident, who were evacuated safely from their homes.

“Someone who has had their home on fire will know how devastating it is,” Zain Luqman Miah told Ilmfeed on Wednesday, June 14.

“In this fire, hundreds of families have been affected so it is important that the community gets together to support the victims in these testing times.”

A huge fire has broken out Grenfell Tower in west London, with eyewitnesses reporting that they can see residents trapped at the top of the building.

London Fire Brigade confirmed that more than 200 fire fighters are tackling the blaze at Grenfell Tower on the Lancaster West Estate, with 40 fire engines sent to the location.

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Fortunately, hundreds of families have managed to safely evacuate but have been left homeless, without food, necessities and shelter.

Awake for Suhoor, Muslims Save Lives of Grenfell Tower Residents

In response, Lotifa Begum started a fundraiser on Muslim crowd funding site LaunchGood.

Miah also organized a unified response by Muslim charities who are supporting the fundraiser. The charities include Muslim Aid, Islamic Relief, Penny Appeal, Human Appeal, The National Zakat Foundation, The East London Mosque and As Suffa Global.

“All funds raised will support the victims and their families to rebuild their lives as well as provide immediate support to residents of the tower by the local community such as food, clothing, essentials and toiletries,” Miah said.

“We will work with the local Emergency Services to ensure funds are distributed to help the victims and their families directly.”