Muslim Teen Shuts Down Trolls by Winning Eton Scholarship

LONDON – A young British Muslim student who won a coveted Eton College scholarship said he was called “traitor” and “hypocrite”, Indy100 reported on January 23.

The harassment was revealed after Hasan Patel, a 16-year-old Muslim British student, won a coveted £76,000 scholarship to attend the prestigious Eton College in London, UK – attended by the likes of Prince William and Eddie Redmayne.

The native of Leyton wrote: “I’m being called a ‘traitor, hypocrite, selfish champagne socialist’ for accepting a scholarship to Eton College.”

The teenager clarified that some critics mocked him a “champagne socialist” for accepting the scholarship.

“I’ve been called a ‘champagne socialist’ because I’ve been offered a scholarship to Eton College. First of all, I’m Muslim and most of us don’t drink. Secondly, my free school meals don’t serve champagne,” he said.

“I’ve worked so hard for this and you’re not going to put me down. Instead of attacking me, why aren’t we talking about the inequalities in the education system?” he continued on his Twitter account.


Despite some hateful comments, many congratulated the young Muslim on his achievement.

The clever young man currently attends a local state school, George Mitchell School, and shares a two-bedroom council flat with his parents and two brothers in East London.

He will start Eton in September, where he hopes to study A-levels in history, geography, politics, and drama, before hopefully securing a place in Oxbridge.

In 2018, Patel was the youngest person in the UK to speak at a political party conference, where he delivered a speech to London Labour leaders.

“I’ll still be the same boy from East London when I arrive and when I leave,” he wrote following his acceptance into the prestigious school.

“I’m not joining the elite but simply getting an education my family would never be able to afford, paid by the college. I’ll return to my community better armed to tackle the many injustices we face,” Patel concluded.

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