Muslim Blogger Finds Humanity in London Streets

LONDON – Seeking to restore his faith in humanity, a Muslim blogger acted as a homeless man dressed in Islamic traditional garb in a London street, in a social experiment to gauge public reaction to Muslims.

“I was born and bred in London and I have never experienced some of the negativity you see and hereabout,” blogger Hassan Saleemi told Mail Online on Sunday, October 9.

“As a Muslim I wanted to show that there are people out there who want to help and it doesn’t matter if you are homeless, Muslim or anything.”

Sitting outside Crystal Rooms amusements in the capital’s West End, he was approached by a young man who offered to buy him food.

Shortly after that he was approached by three women who asked if he was okay before making a breathtaking gesture of kindness.

“When the three girl’s approached me and asked if I was OK and one of the girls offered me a £50 note it was a feeling I could not explain.

“To be honest I had to let them this was a social media experiment. After the kind gesture I just had to let them know.”

The video was posted on his YouTubechannel Hstar Vlogs on Friday.

“I was only out for about an hour and in that time about 15 to 20 people acknowledged me or came up to me,” he said.

“This is the first video I have done that has got a reaction like this.”

The blogger said: “Being homeless is the hardest thing. Imagine if you didn’t have a bed to sleep on? A home to go to. No clothes to water. No food to eat. No money to live. What would you do?”

“My purpose for doing this experiment was not to receive money but to see if humanity still exists in this world.

“Religion or colour shouldn’t matter when it comes to these things.

“Help others who are in need, you could help make someones day.”