This is How Manchester Celebrates Ramadan with Good Deeds

MANCHESTER – Since the start of Ramadan, Muslims across Greater Manchester have been spreading heartwarming acts of kindness to celebrate the holy month of fasting.

Youngsters from Moss Park Junior School in Stretford have been dishing out kindness for Ramadan. The school’s Ethos Team decided to run an activity similar to a ‘reverse advent calendar’ to mark the month of increased charity, Manchester Evening News reported.

Every day, pupils and teachers donate items to the class food hamper. This will be presented to Chorlton-based Barakah Foods, which runs a free food initiative after `Eid Al-Fitr feast which comes after Ramadan.

For a number of years now, Manzoor Ali and his family have also been collecting donations for their free food initiative, Barakah Food Aid, which provides food packages to those in need.

“We have also been putting together around 20 Ramadan food packs each week, as well as our usual parcels,” Ali told Manchester Evening News.

Foodbanks across Manchester have been stepping up their acts of kindness as part of Ramadan. Human Relief Foundation (HRF) act as a drop-off point and distribute supplies to food banks in need.

“Our Muslim brothers are continually taking and collecting donations to support local food banks to help those in need, especially those in our local community,” Wajahat Hussain, who works in communities and fundraising at HRF said.

Fellow HRF volunteer Dr. Safina Islam and her two daughters have approached their local church to identify members of their congregation who may be isolated or living alone.

“There are so many people living amongst us in our local communities that do not have anyone to share food, talk to or be listened to,” Islam expressed.

Islamic Shari’ah orders and encourages every Muslim to participate in any possible charity activities. Islamic charity is also organized through well-defined systems like Zakat. But, generosity is especially blessed during the month of Ramadan.