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Man United Muslim Midfielder Hailed for Rescuing Woman

MANCHESTER – Manchester United and Belgian national team star Marouane Fellaini has been hailed after rushing to the aid of a supporter who was crushed during the team’s celebrations in Saturday’s match.

The incident occurred when Man United supporters celebrated Marcus Rashord’s late winner in Saturday’s 1-0 win at Hull City.

In the moments after Rashford’s late strike, many of United’s players ran to celebrate with the fans, who duly spilled out onto the stadium’s pitch.

One female supporter wearing a pink hoodie fell beneath the surge and was crushed up against a collapsing advertisement hoarding, a footage captured by a supporter in the stadium show.

Fellaini spotted the stricken woman and alerted nearby stewards, only to then reach into the crowd himself and help her to her feet.

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The incident is expected to increase the popularity of the player among Manchester United fans and supporters.

Praise has already appeared on twitter moments after the incident.

“Class from @Fellaini. Saw an eldery lady being crushed and stopped celebrating to help her out,” OldTraffordFaithful wrote on Twitter.

“Touching display of chivalry, @Fellaini brushed past his team mates to help a female supporter,” Scholes added.

The Belgian midfielder was born in November 1987. Fellaini, who hails from Moroccan family, signed for Everton in 2008, moving to Manchester United in 2013 in a deal worth £27.5 million.

The 194-cm Manchester United Muslim footballer played his first international match between Belgium and Czech Republic in February 2007.