Kid’s Hajj Project Shows Batman, Joker as Pilgrims

LONDON – A hajj project for two British young Muslim kids has gone viral on the internet, showing both Batman and Joker donning ihram and going to hajj.

The kid’s project first started with help from their mother, who built a Hajj model to teach her kids about Hajj.

Preparing the dough, the two kids featured all the major sites of Hajj including Safa & Marwa, Mina, Arafat, Muzdalifa and the Jamarat.

Then the kids decided to put ‘Ihrams’ on their superhero figures, including Disney princesses and superheroes.

Their dad Faraz Ali posted some pics on social media and the posts went viral:

“And so, my son suggested why don’t we take Joker along with Batman. And he put ‘Ihram’ (on them) and I thought it was the cutest thing because he realised that even Joker can be good, he can seek redemption and he can go on Hajj with Batman,” the father told Ilmfeed on Thursday, August 31.

“I thought it was really cute I took a picture of it and I posted it on social media and before I knew it, it went completely viral. And I think people really related to it because it really shows the innocence of children.

“The fact that a child who knows that Joker is the ultimate villain, you know alongside Batman who’s one of the greatest heroes. It shows that if a child can understand that a villain is not beyond redemption. It shows this idea of God’s mercy being greater than His wrath. And that’s one of the things that we understand as Muslims.

“The idea that Allah is more loving – that God is more loving than He is vengeful, than He is angry. And we felt that was such a beautiful thing to show.”