Muslim doctor dies after spending months away from family working on Covid frontline

In Memory of Dr. Irfan Halim, Hero NHS Surgeon

On September 10th, Dr. Irfan Halim went to work at Swindon Hospital where he allegedly caught COVID and collapsed. After two weeks at intensive care in Swindon, he was moved to The Royal Brompton Hospital in London where he remained in intensive care till he passed away on November 14th.

A dedicated medic, a skilled NHS surgeon, Irfan had treated over 250,000 patients across his 25 years of service. And during the harshest part of the COVID pandemic, Irfan stayed away from home for four months working in COVID wards.

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He was one of the many heroes our nation is grateful for, and for whom so many clapped on their doorsteps.

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A Family Connection

I knew Irfan from my childhood growing up as expat in Riyadh. Both of our parents were doctors. Then we were kids and did what kids do, play, have fun and not worry too much about life and the world. As adults, we matured into an identity, and Irfan became one of the few treasures amongst people, he was known for his soft personality, kindness, and good nature.

The last time I met Irfan was at the funeral of another family friend I knew and grew up with as a child in Saudi Arabia.

Ifran, the deceased’s sibling and I, agreed to meet up properly one day. Of course, COVID reared itself and social schedules had become interrupted. We planned to meet up for a meal, but God had other plans, and God knows best.

A Double Tragedy

What makes Irfan’s death much more difficult for the family is that his father, Dr. Kamal Halim, also caught COVID and passed away a few weeks ago.

Attending the funerals of both father and son, just weeks apart, has been such a tragic toll on the family.

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Path to Paradise

During the funeral by the graveside, the preacher said some interesting words. That we do not know what deed will grant us paradise, just as much as we do not know what deed might hold us back from paradise. 

One of the sayings attributed to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is that a person with good manners has the same status of another who spends their nights in prayers. And in another, he said that a person’s status in paradise will be lifted according to their good manners. There can therefore be no doubt that, by God’s Grace, Irfan is amongst the best of people in the next life.

Irfan is survived by his wife, Saila, and four young children. May God have mercy on them and bless them with ease and peace at this very difficult time, amen.

A Go Fund Me page has been set up for any who wish to offer their support:


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