Embrace Muslim Forum Hosts Poetry Event to Celebrate Talents

When the Trees Dance

Amongst the many poems spoken, my favorite from the night was one by Tafsheen Jathol, who goes by the name Makeda, part of which reads:

“..There’s this dance I’ve seen the trees do in the morning when they think nobody is watching

And I want to ask them why, but I’m scared if I do they might see me and stop

So I’ve convinced myself, unspoken arguments stem from unspoken reasons

They dance for no reason but in the season they live

They dance because they can, because every morning is like a baptize

They dance because again today they’ve lived to see the sunrise 

From behind their darkness from their morning warmth 

Below their sorry when the morning is cold 

They dance in strength of weakness with every day that they grow old

Maybe they know that I am watching, maybe they dance because I am

Perhaps they wish for me to learn a thing or two

Maybe this is the part that I realize a song can only kill you if you are not dancing too.”

Embrace Muslim Forum Hosts Poetry Event to Celebrate Talents - About Islam

My Beloved

Many of the poems had spiritual themes. The extract below by ConsciousRhymes speaks about passion towards Prophet Muhammad (PBUH):

“So I write this letter in order to better my relationship with my Beloved

Dear Beloved, though I have not seen, I envision you as a beam of gleaming moonlight

Your shine does not blind, you are not too bright, just right crystal clear, pristine 

Dressed in all white, I pray all night, for a dream or a glimpse of your aura

Your flora that blossoms with your beauty I am in awe of

And it’s brought up in pure admiration

For the best of all creation 

A mercy to this nation

Muhammad, my prophet, my Beloved, 

Towards your path, I haste while maintaining patience and hope that 

One day, I raise to your station in heaven, 

Holding hands with the best of all creation

Peace be upon you.”

Changing Formats

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By running on time, finishing at a sensible time, and doing something different, the Embrace Muslim Forum has brought much-needed change and innovation to the plethora of events run by professional Muslim networks. While many of the subjects they talk about are important, they can become far too heavy and far too serious when part of the human condition seeks rest, entertainment, and comfort.

Tongue-in-cheek, with his last few words, perhaps inspired by the performers on the evening, Shoaib took the microphone and also shared some words: “Roses are red, violets are blue, guess what, I’m here in Barclays blue!”

Closing the event, host Shoaib said, “Thank you so much, it’s been a wonderful evening. This, tonight, showcases something different. What I really wanted is for you guys to support us. The Embrace Muslim Forum is open to all colors, all faiths, anybody – you’re all welcome to come to our events.”

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