British Muslims Share Thoughts on Ramadan amid Partial Lockdown

One year into a global pandemic, Muslims welcome a second Ramadan with social distancing, face masks, and health restrictions.

While the UK is amongst the global leaders in distributing vaccines, with over 30 million first doses, British Muslims are still taking precautions and preparing for another Ramadan in a pandemic.

AboutIslam reached out to a group of British Muslims to hear their thoughts on celebrating another Ramadan under pandemic.

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Teacher Noreen:

This Ramadan, I am hoping that we can continue to be patient and resilient in the face of a semi-lockdown whilst fasting. Last year was tough as it was the first time in history that we couldn’t meet family and friends for iftar, etc. This year will be similar but at least we can meet outdoors in limited numbers.

Just hoping for sustained unity, peace and health. May we find a way to cherish and value our loved ones more considering there are so many who have lost family members and friends.

Dr. Kiran:

Another Ramadan in lockdown, and this time round many Muslims are embracing it with a “we got this” attitude. Maybe it’s spring or maybe it’s that Ramadan is a month of blessings, but we are much more hopeful that this time last year.

The vaccination program is going ahead. Mosques across the nation have COVID plans in place. Guidance has been produced on how to enjoy Ramadan safely and many community events are taking place online to keep the spirit of the holy month alive.

Things around us are constantly evolving in view of Covid, but some things, like samosas in Ramadan, will maintain that consistency and comfort for so many!

British Muslims Share Thoughts on Ramadan amid Partial Lockdown - About Islam

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Teacher Farah:

Last year was an unprecedented year with the COVID pandemic and an unprecedented year for Muslims with the observance of our first ever lockdown Ramadan.  Where normally we would juggle our spirituality with the intensive demands of our careers and homes, this time we were able to observe the month in a way like never before. 

For the first time, we were connecting with our Creator in a unique and singularized manner.  We found alternative ways to keep the community spirit alive, whether virtually, by doing more charity, or in-person and socially distanced.

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