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Almeria Coach Dismisses Concerns Over Ramadan-Observing Player

Leading his team’s quest to play in the La Liga, Almeria striker Umar Sadiq’s decision to observe fasting of Ramadan has been supported by the team’s coach, dismissing any concerns about the performance of the Super Eagles star.

“I see Sadiq the same,” coach Joan ‘Rubi’ Francesc Ferrer said earlier this month, Soccer Net reported.

“We have been talking with the medical staff and the staff to facilitate his work so that he can comply with his religion, but not to give too much hype to this issue and leave him alone.

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“He’s already used to that month when he has to be fasting. I want him to be focused on training and playing. He has the help of the club’s professionals.

“Sadiq has to perform like the best Sadiq we’ve seen in the month of February because we need him and he has to do it, with or without food restrictions.”

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A devout Muslim, Sadiq has been fasting since the Islamic holy month of Ramadan began on April 2.

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Sadiq has been the club’s best performer by some distance, with the ex-AS Roma starlet contributing 25 (15 goals, ten assists) of La Union’s 52 league goals this term.

Ramadan is the 9th month of the Hijri Islamic calendar.

From dawn until sunset, Muslims refrain from food, drinking liquids, smoking, and engaging in sexual relations).

This year, Ramadan started on April 2, in the middle of a busy sports schedule in Europe and around the world, where many practicing Muslim athletes play.

Many Muslim players excelled while fasting Ramadan in their teams.

Earlier this month, Real Madrid’s Muslim star Karim Benzema was fasting all day before feasting on Chelsea’s defense and scoring a sensational hat-trick.

Brooklyn Net’s Muslim player Kyrie Irving has also made great records for his team this month while fasting.