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Outpour of Love & Support for New Zealand Muslims after Massacre

Outpour of Love & Support for New Zealand Muslims after Massacre

The horrible terror attack that left 50 Muslims massacred in Christchurch, New Zealand has triggered random acts of kindness across the country, with many racing to support the devastated Muslim community.

In this article, we go through some of the most prominent aspects of this loving gesture:


Haka Dance

More than 1,000 students from across Christchurch schools and different religions joined voices to honor the 50 lives lost in a massacre that deeply wounded the city, Mashable reported.

The students paid honor to the victims by singing a Maori song and performing a rendition of the Haka, a traditional Māori dance.

Elsewhere in Christchurch, a biker gang paid honor to the victims by performing a rendition of the haka, i.e. a ceremonial dance, fairly well known in pop culture, and performed at important occasions, including funerals.

Egg Boy

Australian teenager William Connolly, now known as Egg Boy, cracked an egg over Fraser Anning’s head at a press conference in Melbourne on Saturday, prompting the senator to hit him in the face repeatedly, Aljazeera reported.

A day earlier, the controversial politician triggered outrage by claiming the attack in New Zealand, which killed 50 people at two mosques, was the result of Muslim immigration to the country.

Learning about a GoFundMe page which was launched to cover “legal fees” and “more eggs”, Connolly, 17, said he will donate the money to the victims of Christchurch terror attack.

PM Hijab

The New Zealand prime minister has reacted to the Christchurch shootings with steel, compassion and absolute clarity, the Guardian reported.

Dressed in a black headscarf trimmed with gold, the prime minister met with members of the Muslim community affected by the tragedy. She held them in her arms as they sobbed, whispering words of condolence, and pressing her cheek against theirs.

Speaking in parliament house on Tuesday, Ardern opened her tribute remarks in Arabic “As-Salaam-Alaikum,” she said. “Peace be unto you”.

“One of the roles I never anticipated having and hoped never to have, is to voice the grief of a nation,” she continued.

Refusing to speak the suspect’s name, she moved to strip him of power, instead urging people to speak the names of victims.

“You will never hear me mention his name.”

Maori Artist Tribute

Maori artist Akoni Pakinga, 27, created special artwork in tribute to the lives lost in terror attack that took place in Christchurch last Friday, Maori Television reported.

In the artwork, Māori are gathered around the Muslim man standing underneath a Waharoa. Their hands placed on his shoulders, mourning and expressing great sadness for him.

Pakinga says the work seeks to represent “tautoko and the togetherness of our nation”.

“I cannot express how sorry I am, this is your home too, Tautoko.”

Muslim Prostration

New Zealander footballer Kosta Barbarouses performed a prostration after scoring a goal in the Australian A-League to show solidarity with those were killed in the terror attacks at two mosques in Christchurch, Goal.com reported.

“I’m pretty devastated, to be honest. A pretty emotional day,” Barbarouses told Fox Sports.

“It doesn’t mean much to them (his goal celebration) but it’s something.”

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