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Muslim Family Hosts Hindu Marriage for Adopted Son

DEHRADUNSetting an example of interfaith bonding, an Indian Muslim family has hosted a Hindu wedding ceremony for their adopted son, honoring his religious customs and traditions.

“I celebrate Holi, Diwali and all other festivals in the same house,” Rakesh Rastogi told Asian Image Monday.

“My family has loved me and supported me in everything, including my marriage,” he added.

Living in Dehradun, in the Indian northern state of Uttarakhand, a local Muslim, Mouinuddin, and his family adopted Rastogi at the age of 12.

Raising him like a son, they have never tried to tamper with his religion.

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“No one ever prohibited my way of worshiping,” Rakesh stated.

Rakesh’s marriage was commemorated pompously. Mouinuddin’s wife, Kausar, received her daughter-in-law, Soni, as per Hindu traditions in the marriage ceremony held last February 9.

There are some 180 million Muslims in Hindu-majority India, the world’s third-largest Muslim population after those of Indonesia and Pakistan.

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