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Matchmaking Co. Expands Overseas to Target Muslim Couples

DELHI – A global matchmaking company has announced plans to expand its operations to target the Muslim population in several regions, including the US, West Asia, and Indonesia.

“There lies huge opportunity in Muslim matchmaking segment,” CEO Murugavel Janakiraman told PTI.

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“Every year based on online traffic we estimate that 60-70 million Muslims look for matchmaking every year. The potential of the segment is huge.”

Under the umbrella of, the matchmaking firm,, has launched seven region specific Muslim matchmaking sites to target 1.5 billion Muslims in the Middle East, US, Europe, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Malaysia.

Combined with Globalmuslimmatch, will effectively serve about one-third of the global population.

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“We will operate Globalmuslimwatch from Dubai. The back-end operations will be handled from India. We feel that globally the fragmented Muslim matchmaking market offers a huge opportunity for an established player like us,” Janakiraman said.

“The online matrimony characteristics in Asia are quite similar in nature compared to the territory we are embarking upon and we are sure to provide wider choices and richer matchmaking experience to Muslims in these regions,” he added.