Young Canadian Muslims Interviewed on Ottawa IAW

Young Canadian Muslims at The University of Ottawa Muslim Student Association organized last month an Islam Awareness Week.

It was held from March 7 to 11, 2016.

The following are brief interviews with some of the coordinators and volunteers at the event.

The Brothers Coordinator started by saying:

“Most of the conversations I thought that would be the toughest were actually the most enjoyable.

We were talking with one guy who was asking tough questions about the idea of suffering, and how could God be Merciful when people suffer, and it was a really good conversation.

Some of the things he brought up was like “wow, these are cool points for me to think about.”

And a long story short, at the end of the day, we almost became friends.

We separated ways and exchanged names.”

Another volunteer sister from “Prophet Muhammad Table” commented:

“Every part of IAW was amazing.

Just seeing everyone working together, and honestly just having people come up to me, and asking questions and just being so interested, and just being so accepting of the fact that we are doing this.

It really was so heart-warming to see how kind and open people were.”

A third volunteer brother from “Have a Cup of Tea Table” said:

“The number one thing I learned was actually to appreciate this religion, and to know how fortunate we are to be Muslims, and that actually ourselves we need to learn.”

A fourth volunteer sister from the “Health and Wellness Table” reacted by saying:

“My favorite experience with IAW was essentially speaking with fellow Muslims who are struggling with the Deen, I guess.

They came and they told us how much they appreciated what we are doing here at IAW, how much they’ve learned.

You see the impact we do, and they strive to achieve better.

That is my favorite experience.”

Check this five minute video for more details on this excellent initiative by Young Canadian Muslims.