Worried That You’re Not a True Believer?

Do you ever look around at your brothers and sisters in Islam and think, “Wow, mashaAllah, they are such good Muslims!”

And does this thought lead to you thinking that you aren’t as good as they are?

Many good Muslims worry that they aren’t true Muslims, that they aren’t true believers because they are so acutely aware of their flaws and shortcomings. They constantly worry that Allah will not love them or that Allah will not forgive them because they aren’t good enough.

Let us bring you some good news!

Allah will never reject a sincere and genuine repentance. Even if you repeat the sin over and over again, He will still forgive you.

As long as your sins make you feel sad, as long as you are reaching out to Allah then you are a true believer. Alhamdulillah!

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