Why She Left Catholicism to Accept Islam!

Cristina is from Colombia, South America, but she grew up in the US. She was raised in a Catholic home but they weren’t strict Catholics. They went to church on a Sunday as much as they could. She felt like they were speaking a different language because it just didn’t make sense.

She believed in God from an early age but the trinity always confused her. In 5th grade she met her best friend who was Muslim. She didn’t ask them questions and she didn’t realise what Islam was.

She was confused by everything and any questions she asked she couldn’t get answers. So it pushed her away from Catholicism. She had made a Muslim friend and she started to like him. She wanted to know more about him and his faith.

She asked her best friend about Islam and Muslims and started going to the mosque. Before she knew it, she was 16 years old when she took her shahadah.

I Studied to Become a Catholic Nun then I Found Islam