Why Doesn’t Islam Have a Winter Solstice Holiday?

Why doesn’t Islam have a Winter Solstice holiday? We are approaching the holidays now when Christians celebrate Christmas and Jew celebrate Hanukkah.

In the West, whether you celebrate Christmas or not, the whole place shuts down for a few days. There are plenty of people who don’t celebrate Christmas though. Muslim do not celebrate any Christmas or Hanukkah equivalent because there is no equivalent in Islam.

There are holidays in Islam, Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha. The Islamic Calendar also works differently to the Gregorian and Hebrew calendars. The years never line up with the seasons in the Islamic calendar. The Islamic calendar is also a complete lunar calendar.

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Why does Christians have a Winter Solstice holiday? Look at Europe, Winter has short days and long nights. Christmas replaced many Solstice holidays in an effort to Christianize the region and to cheer everyone up from the long, dark nights.