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Who Should Receive Zakat?

Who should receive zakat? If you are an individual who has reached the certain threshold of wealth or who has that amount of crop yield or live stock, then you have to pay the zakat. If you do not fall into that category then you are eligible to receive the zakat.

Allah gives us all categories in the Quran 9:60 of the people who should receive zakat. There are 8 categories in total. The first category are the poor, their situation doesn’t allow them to have enough food for a day. After the poor it is the needy, they are not at the level of the poor but they still need assistance. The third category are those who are employed to collect the zakat. The fourth category is the person whose heart is inclined to accept Islam. New Muslims can fall into this category. The fifth category is the prison of wars or slaves and wants to be freed from their masters. The sixth category is someone who is in debt. The seventh category is the person in the path of Allah. The final category is the traveler.

When we look at the Shariah and ponder over it, Allah was so descriptive of the people who are eligible to receive this obligatory amount. We should always remember the wisdom of Allah behind zakat and who receives it.

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