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When Ibrahim (AS) Met Muhammad (SAW)

Prophet Ibrahim (AS) made a critical dua to Allah that was later answered in the Quran in Al Jumu’ah 62:2. Allah did not just answer the dua of Ibrahim (AS) thousands of years later but he perfected it.

Fastforward thousands of years later when Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was appraoched by Jibril and he took him to lead all of the prophets in prayer in Jerusalem. Then Allah opens the gates of heavens for Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He meets prophet after prophet. 

When Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) gets to the 7th heaven, the gate opens and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “I see my grandfather Ibrahim (AS) with his back to Al Baitul Ma’mur, the Kabah of the heavens. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said “I have never seen anyone who looks most like me.” When he described Prophet Ibrahim (AS). 

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