What Will You Give Up for Allah?

Ask yourself this very important question. What will you give up for Allah? What is directly tied to earning the pleasure of Allah?

Directly tied to earning the pleasure of Allah and having our duas answered is our willingness to sacrifice more than just our food and drink.

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Everything the Prophet (pbuh) talked about giving up food and drink for the sake of Allah (swt), Allah praises us! Allah (swt) sees us right before iiftar when we are thirsty and hungry and we have food infront of us but we are making dua to Him.  On the day of Arafat Allah praises His servants to the angels. 

Allah (swt) praises those who wake up for tahajjud, who make wudhu when they are so tired but just for the sake of Allah they wake up. How does Allah (swt) look at the person who gives up sins for His sake? Sins they are addicted to but struggle and strive just for Allahs sake.