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What is the Qadr of Allah?

What is the qadr of Allah? The qadr of Allah is what Allah wills for us. When we fully understand this concept it is very beautiful.

We have to truly understand this concept to know that the qadr of Allah is so merciful for us. It may be that it is a bad thing that is happening to us but it is still a mercy for us.

One of the biggest tests we face is when we pray so hard for something we want and we don’t get it. To accept that this is what Allah wants for us and knows what is best for us shows great faith.

When we accept the qadr of Allah without any resentment or anger shows how much we believe that Allah knows what is best for us. Even if the outcome is not what we wanted it is what we needed.

So how does qadr and freewill go together? Qadr is what Allah wants to happen to us. Freewill is Allah putting us in the time and place for us to be able to receive that.

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