What Do Muslims Do at Christmas?

What do Muslims do at Christmas? Do they try and ban Christmas? Do Muslims hate Christmas? The answer is no to both of these questions!

First of all there are many Christian Arabs that celebrate Christmas in the Middle East. There are also many Middle Eastern countries that put up Christmas trees in the malls and hotels.

Secondly, Muslims in the West also do not hate Christmas or want Christmas banned. Many enjoy the time off during Christmas and spend it with their families. Other make the most of the time and help those in need.

As for as the belief in Jesus (PBUH) goes, in Islam it is essential for Muslims to believe in Jesus (PBUH) and all of the prophets. We do not believe Jesus is divine but we believe he is one of the greatest Prophets. We also believe in the miraculous virgin birth and the many miracles Jesus (PBUH) performed.

Muslims do not hate Jesus (PBUH) and Muslims are not insulted by Christmas. We are not offended when we see a Christmas tree and we do not have a mission to ban Christmas.