What Are the Clear Signs that the Period Has Finished?

What are the clear signs that the period has finished? When can a woman resume praying again after her period?

These questions are very common and it can be confusing for some women who have irregular periods.

If the period is regular one of two signs is what she needs. If either sign is met that she should do the Ghusl and resume prayer.

If she sees the whitish discharge on her pad then the menses is finished and she should make ghusl and resume praying. This is the primary sign.

If it is the last day of what her usual cycle is, then she can take a clean tissue or cotton and wipe her area to check if there are any signs of blood. If there isn’t then she can make ghusl and resume praying.

If the lady has irregular periods then she must go to a scholar and get a specific fatwa for her case because it gets very complicated when the periods are irregular.