We Blame Jinn and Black Magic when Evil Affects Us

People complain about jinn and black magic affecting them. We share a part of the blame of the evil that affects us. We should not think in these superstitious lines.

The one to blame for your misfortune is yourself and you have to hold yourself to account. Do you read the verses in the Quran that have the protection of Allah? Do you perform Adhkar in the morning? Do you know what it is? Do you pray? Do you have a relationship with Allah?

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You should read surat Al-Kursi in the morning and the evening. You should also read the last three verses of the Quran that will protect you from evil and Shaytaan.

We cannot be blameless if we are not seeking protection from Allah. There is no excuse for us not to do this. Allah has taught us in advance how to save ourselves and how to protect ourselves.