The Most Powerful Prayer Ever!

Every night Allah (swt) descends to the lowest heaven and calls out “Who is there crying out to me asking for forgiveness? Who is calling on me to fulfill a need?” Tahajjud is an open invitation from Allah to call on Him. There is no doubt that Allah (swt) is calling us. 

He (swt) will give you what you want, when you call out to him at the time of tahajjud. The early hours of the morning, the last part of the night, the value of this time is unmatched. 

There are some acts which will give great reward during this time. Making dhikr and reading the Quran are some ways to get huge rewards. We pray tahajjud prayer in sets of 2. Pray this prayer with no rush, when you put your head in sujood in this prayer you are the closest to Allah (swt). 

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