The Greatness and Majesty of Allah

If we ask the question, “Before the creation of the worlds, where was Allah?” we would be told that Allah was on His throne. What do we know about it and what does it tell us about Allah?

Imagine losing a ring in the desert. It would be impossible to find, such would be its comparative insignificance. The throne of Allah (Al-Arsh) is the desert and the footstool (Al-Kursi) is the ring. Can you even imagine that?

This footstool is above the 7 heavens and between each heaven there are 500 years worth of distance. The first heaven is composed of all the galaxies wherein there are millions of stars which are millions of times bigger than our own Sun. And our own Sun is 1.3 million times larger than our Earth.

So, here you are on Earth and there is Allah on His Throne. Yet He is closer than your jugular vein, ready to answer your call. Allahu akbar!

On Allah’s Greatness. Allah-u-Akbar