The Funeral Prayer

What is the funeral prayer in Islam? In Islam when you are born an athaan is given but no prayer is made, and when you die the prayer is made but no athaan. It is as if your whole life was the time between the athaan (at birth) and the prayer (at death).  When you were in your mothers womb you time of birh and time of death were written.  As you were coming into this world you were already on the way out of it. It is a reminder for us to pray before we are prayed upon.

The janazah is our final rite. It is a way for our loved ones to say fare well and a reminder that we too, will end up in the grave one day. The wise person is the one who puts their own janazah infront of them and lead their life as if the death is always coming. 

Why do we recite what we recite during the salatul janazah? One explanation is that is the usual prayer just shortened version. Another explanation is that it is the formula for an accepted dua – we praise Allah, we sent peace and blessings on  the Prophet (pbuh) and then we make dua for the deceased.