The 10 Surprising Stories in the Quran

Many non-Muslims wonder what is in the Quran! In this video, Leroy Kenton, a non-Muslim, takes us through 10 surprising stories in the Quran!

1. The People of the Cave – a story about a group of young people who hid inside a cave to escape a religious persecution. They got out of the cave 300 years later without realising that time had moved on.

2. Suleyman and Jinn – the youngest son of Prophet Dawud (PBUH). Suleyman was given power over the Jinn. 

3. Yusuf – Prophet Yusuf’s (PBUH) brothers were full of envy against his brother and they threw him into a well and told his father he was killed by a wolf. 

4. The Guide – this is the story about the man, Al-Khidr, who Prophet Musa (PBUH) followed to gain more knowledge. 

5. Prophet Yunus – Yunus was swallowed by the whale. 

6. Prophet Ayoub – Ayoub (PBUH) lost his wealth and children and still worshipped Allah. Iblis thought if Ayoub lost his health he wouldn’t worship Allah, but he was wrong. 

7. Hamlet in ruins – A man passed by a hamlet in ruins and the man wondered how Allah would resurrect the people after they died. So Allah made the man die for 100 years and raised him to life again. 

8. Baby Jesus – The Quran explains how Jesus was conceived and how he was born. Also how Jesus (PBUH) could speak as a baby.

9. Prophet Ibrahim & Ismael – Prophet Ibrahim has a dream about having to kill his son Ismael. 

10. The gold cow – This story is found in Al-Baqarah (the Cow). 

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