How to Tell My Wife I’m Depressed?

Counselor Karim Serageldin answers the question of our reader: “How to Tell My Wife I’m Depressed?”

Question: Salam Aleikom. I have been having mental issues after I lost my job a few years ago. I feel useless and worthless because I cannot provide for my family. Instead of telling my wife the truth, my answer to how are you doing is always fine. What is the best way to tell her the truth that I am depressed and fight bad thoughts many times a week?

About Karim Serageldin
Karim Serageldin, founder of Noor, completed his BA in psychology & religion, followed by an MA in east-west psychology with a specialization in spiritual counseling. He is a certified life coach with years of teaching and community outreach experience. His practical work and research includes developing a modern framework of Islamic psychology, relationship, family and youth coaching. He provides seminars and workshops in the United States. You can contact Br. Karim at: http://www.noorhumanconsulting.com or facebook.com/noorhumanconsulting