Syrian Refugees Flee from Aleppo to Turkey for Safety

More Syrian refugees are leaving Syria this week, in the tens of thousands, fleeing the city of Aleppo, which has been heavily bombarded in recent weeks by Russian jets and Syrian forces.

The humanitarian tragedy which is currently unfolding is of massive magnitude, as when the refugees reach the Turkish border they find it closed.

Tens of thousands of people have fled the Syrian government’s offensive in Aleppo.

The Turkish government has closed its border and asked the international community for help.

Turkey has already received more than 2.5 million Syrian refugees since the conflict in Syria started five years ago.

In this AJE report, a Syrian family who managed to enter Turkey but were separated from the father who was the last to leave home, tell their story.

“The situation is horrific. There were three or four Russian planes bombing our village,” said Malak Abdou Aicho, a refugee interviewed with her young children and other family members.

“It wasn’t just me who left, the entire village left, except for a few elderly men who stayed,” she added.

“Leaving Syria is like leaving your soul behind,” Malak said.

“Every day rockets were falling,” her seven year old daughter added.

Turkey is providing aid to those in this no-man’s land. Still technically in their own country, but nobody wants to belong here.

This is a very sad and tragic situation affecting the civilian population of Aleppo, especially women and children, and this can only make the Syrian refugee crisis more difficult for all parties involved.

There are at least six ways to help refugees.

Don’t miss this 2 minutes report for the latest updates on new refugees now leaving Aleppo, and make du’aa for them.

May Allah (SWT) be with them and may He alleviate their sufferings.