Struggling to Pray? Help is Here

If you are struggling to pray that means shaytaan is playing with you. Salah is one of the most important pillars of Islam. Shaytaan will definitely try to distract us from it. Allah (swt) made is and will return us to Him. If we have worshipped Him throughout our lives we will be happy to go back to Him. 

We need to be hard on ourselves in the beginning, making sure we wake up for fajr or when we have overslept or forgotten a prayer, as soon as you remember it, you need to fulfil it. A lot of blessings will come when you please Allah (swt) through prayer.

It is a long-term dedication. Be strong and dedicated. There are millions who would never miss one prayer. On the day of judgement the ones who took their prayer seriously will be at the front, why would you want to be tagging along at the back?