Started Studies at the Age 42, Smashed It!

He used to go into his study room on Friday evenings and didn’t come out till Monday morning! He would sleep on the floor for 2-3 hours and then continued working on what he needed to finish. He was shocked when his marks came back at 93-94%.

 Tawakkul on Allah means you do not sit back and leave it, you need to work. Something very important that we forget is that the Prophet’s (pbuh) accomplishments all started after the age of 50. The real challenges, building a country, building a system, all at the age of 50! These days at 50 you are ready to retire but for the Prophet (pbuh) his life was just starting.

 It is the hikmah of Allah that he kept hidden our time of death. We need to keep working and leave sadaqah jarriyah behind!

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