Q&A: Is Understanding More Important than Memorizing the Quran?

We have seen a lot of discussions about what comes first between understanding and memorizing the Quran. Unfortunately some people aren’t getting how both are interconnected and inseparable.

What is emerging from these discussions is that “to every action, there’s an equal opposite reaction”.

Nouman Ali Khan is going through the main argumentation of both opinions in order to explain that in fact balance is the answer as long as you have a starting point. We are not racing to memorize or understand the Quran.

He explains that in Surat Al-Ankabut, it says that the Ayat (verses) of the Quran “live” in the chest/hearts of those who believe.

[…] the Qur’an’s distinct verses are preserved within the breasts of those who have been given knowledge. And none reject Our verses except the wrongdoers.  [Surah Al Ankabut 29:49]

Memorizing is something you should want for yourself and of course you will struggle to get there. Indeed memorizing even a few lines in your own language can be difficult.

Now that we comprehend the benefits of memorizing, what about understanding?

All is resumed in  this wonderful Aya of Surah “Muhammad”:

“Then do they not reflect upon the Qur’an, or are there locks upon [their] hearts?”

[Surah Muhammad 47:24]

Moreover, we have to keep in mind that reflection is facilitated by the act of memorization.

These two things are not mutually exclusive!

When you try to memorize an aya or a word of the Quran, you have to repeat it several times.

Hence you naturally will think more about it. 

As a matter of a fact you will find yourself trying to decipher the word, and you will get more insight of its meaning(s).

As a conclusion everything is interconnected, the memorization, how to pronounce each letter and understanding the deep meaning of the Quran. Alhamdouleelah.

How can I benefit from reading the Quran?

How Can I Benefit From My Reading of The Quran?