Protect our Children from Shaytaan

The devil has no mercy towards children. This is enough to show us how evil he is! The Prophet (pbuh) said “No baby is born that the shaytaan does not poke, and because of that poke the baby starts to cry out loud”. The Prophet (pbuh) wants us to celebrate when we have a baby but also to remember that there is a shaytaan ready to manipulate them. Starting with what name to give them, which school to go to, shaytaan will influence them to take them off their fitrah.

When it comes to Islamic education Shaytaan will influence the parents to think that it is not worth their time or wealth. Shaytaan will give us 70 excuses to stop us  from making our children pray and to carry out their Islamic duties.

 It is our job to help protect our children from kufr. It starts by making dua.  These are 2 dua which the Prophet (pbuh) made to protect children from shaytaan.

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