Protect Me and My Children from Worshipping Idols

As Ibrahim (AS) settled his family in Makkah he said: “and protect me and my children from worshipping idols.” Quran 14:35. Prophet Ibrahim built a kabah for the sake of one God and he knew that this pure home could be filled with idols. 

He prayed for himself first so he taught us that we should never feel safe from falling even if we challenge evil our entire life. It shows us that we always have to be vigilant and pray that we will never worship idols. 

Ibrahim (as) had a beautiful heart. He attributed the evil to the idols even though it wasn’t the idols but the maker of the idols, his father and his people, who led people astray. Ibrahim (AS) is directing his anger at the thing that led people astray and he has a huge heart for those who were astray. 

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