Prophet Muhammed’s Aunt and Naval Expedition to Cyprus

This video explains an interesting story about Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) aunt Umm Haram, (may Allah be pleased with her).

Al-Bukhari reported that the Prophet (pbuh) had a vision while visiting his paternal aunt. He said to her: “My community has been shown to me. I saw it waging war on the seas like kings sitting on thrones. […] You will be among the first ones”

Forty years later, Umm Haram participated in the conquest of Cyprus.

Indeed Muslims were facing attacks from Byzantines on Syria’s coastline, who used Cyprus as their base.

Concerning this issue, Muslims launched their first naval expedition under the Calif Uthman. Historical sources indicate that Cyprus’ inhabitants negotiated a peace treaty agreeing on staying neutral.

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While on the island, Umm Haram fell violently from her horse/mule. Consequently she died from her injuries and was buried there.

In  order to honor her, The Ottomans built a Mosque next to her tomb. Nowadays Muslims come to pay their respect to the “pious Lady”, Umm Haram.

May Allah be pleased with her, ameen.

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