My Window on the World

How is your window on the world? Take a look at this broad message that will help you boost your day inshaAllah. The pain that we feel everyday when looking at this world can be uprooted or at least soothed to regain the emotional balance you need to carry on.


We are asked to be pious, as the most pious are the most beloved to Allah (Subhanna wa talaa). But piety isn’t complete if there is no kindness and no pursuit of right in all situations. Being fair even when our background or environment could made us biased is achievable if you keep in mind that Allah has forbidden corruption on this earth.

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The camera was my window on the world. I saw through it the oppression of people, their aggression, their racism, their arrogance, their domination and their enslavement to money.

I saw in humans a lot of evil.

Yet, I saw a lot of good in them.

Both of evil and goodness are sprouting in us. So which side will we choose to nurture?

Detach yourself from this materialistic world as often as you can so that:

When you look at Islam you see your own goodness

When you look at Islam you see justice

When you look at Islam you see kindness and mercy

When you look at Islam you see humanity in its best form in harmony with the world around us.”

Translation of the Quran recitation from Surah An-Nahl (“the Bee”, sourah 16:9) at the end of this video:

Indeed, Allah orders justice and good conduct and giving to relatives and forbids immorality and bad conduct and oppression. He admonishes you that perhaps you will be reminded.

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